book, of  the same  title Odos, was published in  the Swed- ish news paper "Svensca Dagbladet", together  with  short stories of other European and American modern writers. In 1966, called by the Swedish National Committee for Cultu- ral Cooperation in Europe, he participated in  the congress for "Linguistic Barriers and Literary Exchange in Europe" in Malmoe-Sweden. A second short story of him, the Epetios, was published in 1967 in the same news paper  "Svensca Dagbladet".
After  the military (putsch) of  April 1967, he stopped writing literature, only pieces  against the dictators. For a period of three  years called  "period of silence",  together  with other Greek  writers, he published nothing. At  the end of that pe- riod  he  signed  the  "Statement of  the 18 writers"  a  letter against  the dictators. At  the  same  time, together with se- venteen other  writers, they  published  the book  "Eighteen Texts"  which they  do not submit to  the censor. He started writing  literature again, after  the end of  the dictatorship in 1974. In 1980 he published the book Apologos. Since then he  has  written  twenty  more  books (short  stories, poetry, translations, essays and linguistics).


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